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Let us add more value to your housing experience than you ever dreamed possible! We empower you with a framework to ask intelligent questions and take smart actions to protect yourself and your future. You deserve a real estate process you can trust. We can help.

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Meet The Team

  • David Palmer
    David comes to ZadPad with 10 years of real estate experience. His consultative approach is one of his main assets to clients as he is...
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  • Jessica Scotti
    Jessica Scotti serves as a Commercial & Residential Real Estate Investment Advisor. She is has worked as a licensed Real Estate Broker in three... View Profile
  • Kassandra Rose
    Kassandra is entering her 20th year in sales and management. She is our brain-child behind the ZadPad/RentLucky platforms...
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  • Ned Turner
    Compliance Officer
    Ned has had over 20 years experience in Property Management, Real Estate Sales and Accounting and is our compliance officer. Ned works...
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  • Shelly Baehler
    Shelly comes to ZadPad with over 20 years experience in Real Estate and Property Management. Specializing in new construction, she has been...
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  • Timothy Lombardo
    Home Financing
    Timothy offers trusted insight and practical know-how gained from 20 years in the real estate industry. He works closely with you to create...
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  • Jessica Edwards
    Jessica comes to ZadPad as a recent graduate of Real Estate School, with a lot to offer, and a fresh excitement to bring you home. With a background... View Profile
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